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Life Hacks- Do you know a Life Hack when you hear one? Life hacks are simple tips and tricks to make your life a whole lot easier and this super fun but also educational Life Hacks card game tests just how well you know these little tricks of life! All you have to do is work out the real life hacks from the fake ones. The aim of the game is to win and collect Life Hack cards, each with a points value, the first player to reach 9 points is the winner. As well as question cards and steel cards, the players also face challenge cards. When a player picks up a Challenge Card they must read the Life Hack Challenge to the other players, before attempting to prove it is real to the other players by actually doing the hack! This fun, family and adult card game, for 2-4 players, age 16 years and over, is perfect for family games nights and makes a great after dinner party game. Packaged in a colourful, study tin, The Life Hacks Card Game, makes a perfect travel and holiday game too.

Name 3- A fast-paced board game where every answer comes in a 3! Players make their way across the board by answering a name three question and can move one space forward for answering an easy question correctly, 2 for a medium and 3 spaces forward for a hard question. Brilliant fun for the whole family.

Kids Trivia- Fun questions to ask the kids, great game for 3 upwards. 


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Life Hacks, Name 3, Kids Trivia


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