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Einstein Games


Genius Lateral Thinking Game-A dynamic board game which provides hours of cerebral entertainment. Players need to show that they can think outside the box, just like Einstein, by making their way across the board answering lateral thinking riddles against the clock. A fun game for 2-4 players.

Genius Logic Game- Battle against Einstein with this fabulous board game. Players compete by answering as many classic logic questions as possible before the sand timer runs out to make their way across the board. Great for 2-4 players.

Genius Science Mysteries Explained | Genius Science Myths Debunked- With fascinating content explaining scientific myths and mysteries, these books make superb gifts for anyone with an enquiring mind. Beautifully designed and featuring the iconic Albert Einstein, they’re both education and great fun.

Genius IQ Test- The ultimate brain-training gift – an instant IQ test kit containing two complete quizzes. Brilliant brain-teasing and testing.

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Genius Lateral Thinking Game, Genius Science Mysteries Explained, Genius Science Myths Debunked, Genius IQ Test, Genius Classic Logic Game


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